Age Of Heaven

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The Band

The group around bandleader JU Age was found in the beginning 90s and gained awareness soon with their first releases.

The first album of the band with the title Armageddon was released in 1994 on the label Dion Fortune that also had The Merry Thoughts, Garden Of Delight and Diary Of Dreams under contract at those times. In the following time the music of the band could be listened regularly on various radio channels and in the clubs. The song The Providence made it on the very popular Zillo compilation German Mystic Sound Sampler, Vol. V.

Two years later the band released their second album The Garden Of Love that also proved popular in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Until the end of the 90s Age Of Heaven played numerous concerts and toured across Germany and Europe. They already played at first Wave Gothic Festival (WGT) in Leipzig and returned to it several times.

With the new millennium it went a bit quiet around Age Of Heaven. But the band was still existing.

In 2011 they returned to the stage and played an amazing concert at the 20th WGT in front of 2000 people. Concerts in Germany and Switzerland followed as well as appearances at festivals as for instance the NCN.

Meanwhile Age Of Heaven appeared on stages where already great bands like The Mission, Fields Of The Nephilim or Killing Joke have to be seen. The band is well-known as before and receives fan feedback from countries like Greece, France, Italy, from America and worldwide.

Many new songs have been composed meanwhile and at the moment the band works on a new album. For a pre-listening you can find songs like To The Clouds and Lethal Poison at their websites.

The Sound

The sound of the band is characterised by different influences of Gothic and Wave and draws especially on the traditional style of Gothic Rock. That grows even stronger in their new material and in their live shows nowadays. But also influences from Gothic Metal and electronic music as well as elements from the music of the 80s make the sound of the band complete.

The music of the band has many facets. Embedded in bombastic arrangements guitar figures, full of power and variety, complement each other with melodic strings, choirs and piano as well as electronic sounds. Meanwhile the charismatic deep voice of JU takes the listener to a dramatic world full of chilling gloom.

Age Of Heavens songs tell stories about our society as well as about things in daily life. These themes are presented in a lyrical style and occasionally enriched with metaphors from religion and mythology. There are themes about freedom and environment but also personal things and a good amount of romanticism too.

Despite its strong reference to its genre the modern sound of the band proves that the time isn´t standing still. Because of their catchy melodies and complex and powerful sound Age Of Heaven are able to fascinate listeners who are not so close to Gothic Rock as well as fans of this genre.

Once an English fanzine wrote „Age Of Heavens songs have beautiful melodies with catchy sing along rhymes…“. Well, this comes with purpose. Age Of Heavens music is melodic rock songs for people who want to dance and sing along the lines.

Visit the Age Of Heaven homepage or their profile on facebook or youtube, listen to their songs and watch their videos.

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