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Synthetic sounds, contemplative lyrics, profound music

In combining Synth Pop, EBM and Future Pop with guitars and electric bass as well as catchy melodies and pensive lyrics, {fraktal} create an unforgettable sound mixture.  

Founded in march 2013 as a mere synthesizer project to provide lead singer Lars with a new playground for letting off some musical steam, he realized very soon that a gentle female voice would be the perfect complement to his deep, sonorous vocals. In Corinna he eventually found his ideal duet partner, not only supporting him in singing, but also in writing lyrics. During some experimental stages, they finally convinced a well experienced guitar player to join them. At first only involved in playing some chords, Alex now completes the core of {fraktal} with his astonishing guitar play and much valued song-writing and stage experience.

Despite the synthetic basis of their music, the band is eager to play as much instruments as possible live on stage, enjoying the flow of music.

To gather a first impression just follow the link below for some audio samples:

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