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Forged in the electronic counterculture of Detroit in the late '90s, hEADaCHE's signature blend of DnB, Techno, and Glitchhop attracted the attention of underground festivals and labels. His unique sound--via the band CEOXiME--was brought to Chicago when the band was signed to Invisible Records. After releasing the well-received Highly Dangerous Defects (hEADaCHE remixes volume 2) hEADaCHE realized his true passion lay in remixing. hEADaCHE developed Uncoiled Loops, a label dedicated to his own singular vision--particularly remix artistry. Thus began an intense and furiously creative time, during which hEADaCHE released more than 50 individual remixes, with the support of labels such as Metropolis, Tinman, Invisible, DSBP, Noise Plus, and Social Sciences. Through Uncoiled Loops, hEADaCHE also released several full compilations of his remixes (with the artists' permission).


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