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Goth DJ Kitty Lectro is notorious among vampires and mutants for creative mixing and excellent track selection. Kitty's mixes have also been praised by members of legendary bands from the original Gothic, Deathrock, Post-Punk, and New Wave scene, as well as the new crop of Dark Alternative artists and bands.

The vast Kitty Lectro repertoire of vintage classics includes (but is not limited to): Goth, Industrial, Darkwave, Deathrock, Post Punk, Batcave, Coldwave, Minimal, New Wave, No Wave, New Romantic, Neue Deutsche Welle, and much more.

Kitty Lectro also spins and releases the 'Dark 80s', 'Mew Wave' and 'Goth DarkWave' DJ mix compilations.


Kitty Lectro has also produced remixes for Kommunity FK, The March Violets, Lestat, Strap On Halo, ANKST, Angels Of Liberty, Ending The Vicious Cycle, Dilemma, and other bands within the Dark Alternative music scene.

While many artists struggle with the latest gadgets and techniques in hopes of becoming the next big thing, Kitty Lectro is more than happy to authentically (re)create the sounds and emotions of decades past with analogue synthesizers, vintage drum machines, and other lo-fi equipment.

As DJ and producer of the increasingly popular 'Dark 80s' mixed compilations, it is no secret Kitty Lectro possesses a strong connection to vintage music from the bleak atmosphere of Gothic Rock and French Coldwave, to the electric dazzle of Synthpop and everything in-between. This connection is clear in all of Kitty's compositions and remix productions.


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